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Lon Hwa is a full service engineering and manufacturing company, we will be your perfect full-service engineering supporter for custom product developing. With the broad product knowledge and availability, we can always promise customers with solid engineering and manufacturing service.

DIN6798 Type A 3.2 ZINC
DIN6798 Type A 4.3
DIN6798 Type A 5.3
DIN6798 Type A 6.4
DIN6798 Type A 8.4
DIN6798 Type A 10.5
DIN6798 Type A 13
DIN6798 Type J 3.2
DIN6798 Type J 4.3
DIN6798 Type J 5.3
DIN6798 Type J 6.4
DIN6798 Type J 8.4
DIN6798 Type J 10.5
DIN6798 Type J 13

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